When a physician listens, asks questions that get to the root of a problem and proceeds to put a healing plan in place, one can look no further than Dr. Barnett.
In his calm and welcoming office, I have found great relief from his work as well a great recommendation to pair his adjustments with specific pelvis therapy from Joe Sullivan, Massage Therapist. With their combined expertise I have found more mobility and loss of searing pain.
As a person that has and does work on feet, Dr. Barnett, is currently keeping me moving pain free, with a smooth stride and straight back.
— Keli H.

This place is great. I have lumbar stenosis and some other issues, and I opted for Dr. Bob Barnett and Joe Sullivan as a tag team for both chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. It is working! This is better and way more affordable than surgery and no creepy pain meds either. Staff is always friendly and make available times so that I can come before or after work.
— Michael A.
Everyone I’ve encountered in this office from Franee at the front desk, Dr. Barnett himself and the other practitioners- I’ve encountered nothing but positive, amazing professionals that make you feel a warm reception every visit. This is not the typical cold, concrete, sad office like I and many others have been too. They make me feel like it’s not a chore to take care of myself or go to my appointments. Thank you all for everything you do!
— Laurel C.
I highly recommend Dr. Barnett and his staff. They are professional, caring, very nice and have helped me a great deal. They take the time to listen to their patients and are happy to answer questions. My condition was explained and treated with teamwork with Dr. Barnett’s adjustment and Joseph Sullivan’s highly skilled massage techniques. From my initial visit to all of my continuing visits, making appointments is a breeze with Franee at the front desk who communicates regularly via text regarding these appointments. It’s definitely worth the time and gas to drive from Old Saybrook to Groton to see the team at Dr. Barnett’s.
— Bryan T.
I can’t say enough about how Barnett Chiropractic and Massage has helped me. I was sudden struck with intense pain in my lower back and hip with a burning pain that radiated all the way down my leg to the ball of my right foot. Everyone at work told me to go to a chiropractor, but I went to an MD instead. The good news was that the X-Ray showed no problems with my spine or discs. The bad news was that the doctor gave me ibuprofen and told me that my sciatica would gradually get better over 4-6 weeks. That’s when I went to Barnett Chiropractic and Massage. The combination of the chiropractic and therapeutic massage gave me some instant relief. After just a few sessions the improvement was dramatic. Everyone there is so friendly and genuinely concerned. If you are like I was and are skeptical of going to a chiropractor, stop wasting time and go to Barnett Chiropractic and Massage now!
— Timothy S.
Amazing service. Dr Barnett and Joe Sullivan are fantastic. Joe especially has helped me recover from severe pain due to pregnancy and child birth. I had no idea the issues I was having were related to this but I am almost 100% back to normal. If you’re looking for relief from back pain it could possibly be related to pelvic misalignment. Joe educated me and helped me recover from the many issues I was having. It was difficult and painful but worth it to feel normal again! Everyone on staff is kind and caring. They treat you like a friend. They even tolerated my screaming baby while I was being worked on. I could not recommend this place enough.
— Kristy A.
I woke one morning with severe stabbing low back pain that had me on the floor at one point. I was able to get myself to Barnett Chiropractic and Massage but was barely able to walk or transition to sitting or lying. They were able to fit me into an integrated adjustment/massage appointment and at the end was relieved of the sharp pain. I went back a couple days later standing taller and am gaining more mobility and less pain. I highly recommend their services as the staff is kind, understanding and makes time to help you during an emergency
— Hilary S.
I’ve been going to Barnett Chiropractic for as long as I can remember. As a serious athlete competing in multiple combat sports for a lot of years I’ve had my share of surgeries, injuries and aches and pains and I can honestly say that Dr. Bob Barnett has kept me together for years and I prefer visits here at Barnett Chiropractic than the option of more surgeries. I now have my athletes at Strike Zone MMA visiting here to take care of any injuries, nagging aches and pains or just for adjustments. Between Bob, Joe and Ryan this is your one stop shop for health and wellness.
— Darryl M.
Dr Barnett and his staff are amazing! Friendly staff always welcome you with a smile and are very sincere. I have been suffering from neck pain which has bothered me since my active duty Air Force days. Dr Barnett has managed to get me back to 100% and feeling great. He truly cares about the patient and I am thankful that I am pain free! Highly recommended, he is simply the best!
— Isaac R.
Dr. Barnett really helped me out today after my lower back had been giving me agonizing pain the last few days that couldn’t be solved by any stretching, heating pads, tiger balm patches, or even pain killers. I knew I needed a chiropractor after speaking with my father who has experienced similar back pain his entire life and really swears by his chiropractor. After a few searches on google and here I saw Dr. Barnett’s business listed but there weren’t any reviews on here, just google. But I liked what I read and gave them a call.
His receptionist Franee was so helpful on the phone and squeezed me in as early as she could because she could hear the pain I was in as I tried to tell her my problem. When I arrived today she was just as pleasant in person as she was on the phone. Very welcoming and cheery. When I filled out the papers and gave them back she included them in my folder and gave them to Dr. Barnett.
The first part of the visit with him was explaining the areas of pain I had written on the sheet and we spoke in length about the causes and how we could remedy them. I felt he was very knowledgeable and wasn’t trying to sell me on anything but rather help me in the best way he could. After a brief but effective alignment I was out the door feeling leagues better than I did going in. Also, did I mention that this service only cost me $45? and that’s without using insurance because mine doesn’t cover chiropractic. I felt that for the quality of service I received $45 was a steal. I will most definitely be back for regular alignment as part of a plan to help keep my back from ever becoming that messed up with pain again.
— Jenifer W.