We all hear that exercise is good for our health. It is often stressed how exercising will help our heart health, help with diabetes prevention, and maintain or prevent excessive weight gain. Often, though, we do not follow all this great advice for one reason or another. For many people it’s because they don’t know where to start. Knowing where to begin can be difficult which is why we have put together this collection of quick, beginner exercise and informational videos just for you.


Get up off the floor with these 10 standing abs exercises. You'll burn more calories, blast more fat, and feel the burn with this standing abs workout, guaranteed.


New to exercise or perhaps you’ve taken some time and looking to get back into a healthier life style? This quick 20 minute video gets your heart pumping with great low impact cardio moves that will help you achieve your health goals.


🔊 Listen Now: Get Started Exercising

Just thinking differently about moving your body can help make all those excuses disappear - and we have science to back it up.Here's what to remember:- Find...

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